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Unplanned Dinner at New Joint: A Recipe for Disaster

It was one of those chilly evenings where you feel like dining out because the baby is with a nanny, and you have made a good deal and want to celebrate. My husband and I drove towards Westlands with the intention of trying out a new restaurant we had seen online and have been wanting to dine there for quite some time. We arrived at delta towers and went straight to the restaurant. Upon arrival, we were disappointed to find that the place was fully booked and since we had not called to make reservations there was no place to sit.

We walked back to the car disappointed that our plans had gone south. Determined to have some time to ourselves, we googled other restaurants nearby and opted to go to honey and dough. We called first to inquire about space and to our surprise there was plenty of space available. Cheerfully we made our way to honey and dough.

On arrival, we were shocked to see that the place was not even half full. Nevertheless, the décor looked very stylish like the photos we saw online of the restaurant. We were directed on where to seat and after settling in we made our orders. My husband settled for a burger while I was having a hard time looking through the menu. The prices were what gave me a hard time to be honest. Oh! I forgot to mention that we discovered the restaurant’s name had changed its name to bambino according to the receptionist. The waiter insisted that I should try out their salmon which I happily agreed.

The food did not meet our expectations to be honest, salmon was very little serving compared to the price. However, it was very tasty. If you do not mind spending, I would highly recommend it. Burger on the other hand was a complete flop. Apart from the small size, it was not juicy at all, very dry and tasteless for someone who has tried a burger from mama rocks there is no comparison.

After dinner we were ready to leave and asked for the bill. Weh!!! the cost almost finished the money we had made from the deal we had gone out to celebrate. If you do not have a minimum of Ksh 15,000 to spend on dinner at bambino I would not recommend it. You will leave very disappointed trying to understand how you spend so much money on food.

Mmmh…what restaurant to review next?

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