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Red Ginger Experience

Red Ginger is an Indian restaurant situated in parklands. The place is big and fit for any occasion really! This restaurant has a family place setting, Bar, and dining area as well. The parking is also very big, unlike some restaurants where you must park your car on the roadside the place is enclosed and secure. When my date and I drove in we were surprised at how big the restaurant is.

We arrived at about 8pm which is a very busy time for the restaurant I would say. We struggled to find a place to seat as it was almost full. I would suggest that you reserve a table if you plan on having dinner there on a weekend or holiday. Finally, we were able to find a place upstairs where most families were seated.

A few minutes after settling the waiter approached us to get our order. She was very accomodative and recommended we order from the Indian menu instead of Asian since the food will take a shorter time to prepare. The food arrived in less than 30 minutes; we were surprised that despite being full house they were able to serve us so fast.

The food was spicy like most Indian food and very delicious. Jeera rice was so good and Naan well-cooked, we loved it. Chicken tikka and chicken curry had lots of spices so my partner did not like it but I enjoyed the curry. I must also add that the food portion was more than most of the restaurant and affordable.

Overall, I enjoyed dinner at this restaurant and will be going back to try other dishes. If you are planning on having dinner date at Red, you can spend a minimum of 3,000 two people and still enjoy the affordable dishes they have on the menu. However, if you do not like spices this might not be the place for you. They have other cuisines, but the waiting time is longer for such orders.

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