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Sweet Poison

We woke up on a Saturday and rushed to Ongata Rongai to attend some meetings. At around lunchtime, we decided to visit a restaurant called Baileys located near to tuskys ongata rongai. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any parking area so we asked for another place we can visit for some nyama choma. We were referred to another branch of Baileys located near Rimpa. We decided to drive there and try it out.

The restaurant was big unlike the other branch, it had plenty of parking space. My husband and I walked around the restaurant just to take in the scenery. There was a swimming pool near the indoors restaurant, so I guess great place to go swimming. We walked down towards the outdoor restaurant which was very large and spacious. There was a kids play area just near the outdoor space so seemed like a great place to bring your kids.

We made our way to one of the tables after making a kuku choma order. As we enjoyed the view and each other’s company, we were served the kuku choma, ugali and managu (traditional vegetable).

The nyama choma tasted good but the managu was undercooked so I didn’t really like it. After eating we left for home and that is where everything went south. My stomach started grumbling and aching so much that I couldn’t eat anything else. At night I was making washroom runs after every two hours. I thought it had cleared but oh no! I had another crazy day of the same. I will not continue to explain how bad the situation was. All I can say is I will not be going back there and would never recommend this place to anyone.

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean that it is!

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