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Crafty Chameleon Review

If you are looking for a new pizza joint, look no further. Crafty chameleon brewhouse and restaurant located along james gichuru road right next to Lavington hotel is the place. Make sure to call for reservations beforehand, it is mostly full-on weekends.

Being a Friday, my friends and I decided to go check out the crafty chameleon. A colleague had mentioned this place to me and suggested I try out their pizza. Being an Italian restaurant of course I would not pass on this opportunity to try out Wood-fired Oven Pizzas. We called first to make a reservation, being a Friday, we did not want to just walk in and find the place full.

Upon arrival the parking lot was full, we had to park outside the restaurant. We walked in and were immediately shown the reserved spot. Unfortunately, the beautiful garden space was full we had to seat inside. It seemed like a busy day but after 2 minutes there was someone ready to take our order. We placed an order for biting, the nyama choma and pollo funghi pizzas. After around 20 minutes our pizzas order was ready.

The pizzas were thin-crust Italian style. Everyone loved the nyama choma pizza made of slow roasted pulled beef, sundried tomato, caramelised onion and a chimichurri sauce. It costs ksh 1600, a bit pricey but worth it.

This nyama choma pizza was so yummy (the picture is without extra toppings). I think they are generous with topping unlike other pizza joints I have bought from. If you like more toppings, you can ask for extra topping at a cost of Ksh 300.

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