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Cosy Restaurant for a Dinner Date in Karen, Nairobi

Hey there, how is your new year? Well apart from struggling with taxes I am great!

Yesterday was my birthday guys and let me tell you birthdays are different when you are in your thirties. We no longer party hard all night, over here we go to dinner and drink fine wine. For the first time I did not know what I wanted to do for my birthday, but I knew I am grateful to God for granting me another year.

My hubby picked me up in the evening after work and we sat in the car googling restaurants in Karen. We were looking for a cosy and romantic restaurant. We decide to try Karen Blixen lounge as it seems to offer just that. He called and made reservations before we drove there. It is important to call in advance if you are going to any restaurant because it’s the easiest way to skip a line. If the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, maybe it is not the best place to go out for a dinner date.

On arrival we were escorted to a nice private corner at the dinning area of their lounge. The place was beautiful, I loved the décor, it was giving cosy and romantic vibes. The place didn’t have a lot of people just a few foreigners who were staying at their cottages. My husband ordered their pork chops and I the lemon chicken. We also took a bottle of wine and beer.

The food was prepared and served after thirty minutes. I loved their service, the waitress serving us was very friendly and fast. The lamb chops were delicious my husband enjoyed it so much I just had to try it. We ended up sharing both meals. The chicken was also good but not the best.


Grilled Pork Chops

 Grilled Lemon Chicken

I would recommend this location for anyone looking for a date night in a cosy place without noise. Their beers range from Kes 600 to 900 and their wines from Kes 5000 a bottle and above. The above meals were about kes 3000 each. The minimum budget for a date night at Karen Blixen is Kes 5000 per person.

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