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Nutritious Meal CBD

Tired of Junk Food in CBD? Try out Café Parlour joint for affordable nutritious meals.
During a recent visit to the KRA building to collect documents for my company, I stumbled upon this hidden gem. Kenyans who have been at times tower know how hectic it is for stickers collection. You can spend even five hours just waiting outside the benches. Unfortunately, my visit coincided with lunchtime, and you know how government employees take their lunch breaks seriously. So, I decided to search for a nearby place where I could savor a wholesome meal.
As I leisurely strolled along KU Plaza on Haile Selassie Avenue, I came across Café Parlour, which isn’t an extravagant establishment but rather a simple restaurant with ample seating, catering to the many nearby workers looking for a place to enjoy their meals. It was evident that many of the patrons were regulars, as they appeared to have a friendly rapport with the restaurant staff.
I made my way to an empty table and a server promptly handed me their menu. Café Parlour offers a tasteful African culinary experience with a variety of Kenyan dishes such as ugali, mukimo, chapati, samaki, matoke, and more. I ordered their beef fry with rice as you can see below;

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