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Great Vegetarian Restaurant in Nairobi

Hey there readers? Hope your week is going well.

We visited cultiva farm in Karen for a meeting and I had to write about it. Cultiva offers a unique dining experience with its use of organic produce from their own farm for seasonal menus. The ambiance is relaxed and calm, perfect for a leisurely meal. ¬†¬

We walked in and were told that the place was full since we did not make a reservation. Despite not having a reservation, the kind staff accommodated us and ensured we had a place to seat. The restaurant has a spacious layout with a modern yet rustic farm setup. The menu, though not extensive, offers seasonal dishes made from fresh, organic produce. (see below)

We made the following orders:
  1. Loaded fries were enjoyable, but not exceptional.¬

The Mr Miyagi pizza had fresh avocados, but the overall pizza experience was not as satisfying.


The standout dish was the tacos, with flavourful options like Grouper fish and Birria (see below):

Grouper fish taco Kes 890
Birria Kes 1690

Cultiva Farm is recommended for those looking for vegetarian and vegan options, as well as anyone who appreciates fresh, organic ingredients. However, portion sizes for meat dishes may not be very generous. Keep in mind that the drinks, particularly wine, can be expensive, with prices starting at Kes 4,000 for a bottle. Local beer options like Tusker, Guiness, White Cap, or Pilsner are not available. For a date, expect to spend a minimum of Kes 4,000 per person.

Despite some minor drawbacks like portion sizes and pricey drinks, Cultiva Farm offers a unique dining experience with its farm-to-table concept and seasonal menus. The ambiance and quality of ingredients make it a noteworthy choice, especially for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere and organic fare.

With the current state of Kenya’s economy, I cannot write as many reviews as I would like. Kindly bear with me, till next time‚Ķhave a great weekend!

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